Camping In Shimla 2022-23: Sleep Under The Stars & Wake To The View Of Hatu Peak!

As the tallest peak in the Shimla district, Hatu Peak is a well-known destination for trekking. This 7 km hike is surrounded by deep deodar and blue pine forests, which together create attractive views and varied terrain. The Hatu Temple, which honors Hatu Mata, is located at the summit of this peak.

An ancient structure that resembles a stove is located close to this temple, and it is thought that the Pandava Brothers (from the Mahabharata epic) used it to cook during their exile.

The state of Himachal Pradesh has everything you need, whether you’re looking for a getaway trip or a chance to break away from your boring routine. It’s depressing how a peaceful getaway has dwindled in likelihood due to the rising number of tourists who visit each year.

But if you’re ready to drive a few extra hundred miles, this lovely state still has options and hidden jewels for you to discover.

Everyone has heard about Shimla, but it would be worthwhile to go beyond it as the pristine Hatu Peak is nearby. The Hatu Peak is a gorgeous location that offers many surprises for intrepid travellers. It is serene and unspoiled. The location of Hatu Peak is near Narkanda, a sleepy small town 60 kilometres from Shimla.

Nearly everyone has travelled via Narkanda on their way to Kinnaur or Spiti Valley.But if Narkanda is skipped; some of Himachal Pradesh’s most gorgeous vistas are lost.

An unforgettable ascent of Hatu Peak

A short trek up Hatu Peak is the greatest thing to do while in Narkanda. You pass through woods of deodar, cedar, fir, spruce, and blue pine as well as Himachal Pradesh’s renowned apple orchards on this captivating hike to the mountain.

The Hatu Peak walk is a day hike with all the elements of a full Himalayan trek, encircled by majestic mountains and deep cedar and fir woods.

While it is feasible to drive up, why forgo the scenic stroll and invigorating exercise?

The greatest way to explore the mountains is through walking, and this hike shouldn’t take more than three hours. The path is easiest to follow in the summer; therefore this is the best season to attempt the trek to Hatu Peak. Because you can see so far, the views from the peak’s summit are also breathtaking!

The trail to Hatu Peak becomes a spectacular winter wonderland with snow-covered trees and a blanket of white on the ground in the winter, making it even more stunning.

Travelers looking for a gorgeous journey but short on time can find all they’re looking for here!

In the mountains near Hatu Mata Temple, seek out God

The revered Hatu Mata Temple is located atop the magnificent Hatu Peak. It is thought that the current site of the temple served as the kitchen for the Pandavas while they were living in exile.

Near the shrine, there are still two hearthstones known as “The BheemChulha.”

This tranquil shrine is surrounded by the towering Himalayan peaks. The wooden bands and embellishments in the temple’s exterior add to its unmatched beauty. The sight of the temple and its bizarre environs is a fitting conclusion to the arduous journey to the Hatu Peak.

In addition, the shrine draws groups of bikers who ride there to enjoy the sweeping vistas and ask for blessings.


Set aside time to visit Hatu Peak and Narkanda for a great weekend in Shimla. The next time your heart yearns for a tranquil mountain retreat, keep in mind that all of this beauty is nearby.

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