10 Essentials To Carry In Your Backpack While Trekking In Chopta, Uttarakhand.


In the last 5-6 years, Chopta has undoubtedly become one of Uttarakhand’s most popular trekking destinations, and in fact in the whole of North India. It is located in the Rudraprayag district and is about 400 km away from Delhi. Besides the serene and picturesque landscape, Chopta allures trekkers with its mesmerizing views of the snow-capped peaks at an altitude of above 8,500 feet. Home to a plethora of wildlife, exotic birds, and varieties of rare trees, this trekking paradise is a must-visit for passionate travelers. 

Because of the altitude, the place remains cool throughout the year and turns freezing in winter. If you want to enjoy the snow along with the natural beauty of Chopta without any hassle, go through the list of items that you should carry in your backpack while trekking to the most common sites, like the Chandrashila summit, Tungnath, Devaria Tal, and many more. Scroll on!

Warm clothes

It is essential to carry warm clothes, as the climate remains chilly throughout the year. Even in summer, you experience cool winds that may hinder your ability to climb, if you are not prepared. Well, you do not require to don double-layered fleece jackets in summer, but make sure you at least carry a waterproof jacket in your backpack to provide warmth and comfort in case you need it. 


The altitude of Chopta may cause oxygen deficiency in many people. So, make it a point to carry the required medicines (after consulting your physician) to prevent any health issues. Also, get a thorough check-up before starting your journey, so that you are aware of the potential health risks you may have and take necessary precautions. 


Do we need to explain the benefits of carrying your first-aid kit? Well, we don’t think so. Just make sure you have all the necessary items to take appropriate action, in case there is an emergency. 

Spare shoes

Even if you may not need them always, carrying a pair of spare shoes is immensely helpful if your current shoes get wet in the snow. Wearing those for a long time can lead to fungal infections in the feet, let alone increase the chances of catching a cold. 

Rain cover

Your backpack should have rain cover as a must. It will prevent your stuff from getting wet in the rain or snow. 

Walking pole

Well, most of the trekking organizers arrange for the same, but in case they don’t, carrying a pair of your own may save the day. Without those, it is impossible to travel long distances. 

Thermos flask

You are unlikely to get warm water while on the way to the trekking sites in Chopta, except in trekking huts. Why depend on the possibilities? You can always pack a thermos in your trekking bag and be self-sufficient. 

Extra pairs of socks

Just like shoes, wearing wet socks for a long time can lead to fungal infections, and discomfort and hinder your trekking experience. So, make sure you carry 2-3 extra pairs of socks in your backpack. 

Dry food

It is advisable to carry highly proteinaceous, dry food and snacks while trekking to keep you energized and healthy during the trip. Pack in snacks, dry fruits, nuts, and the likes to prevent going hungry for most of the day. 

Your headphones

Also, walking for long hours can be tiring, if not monotonous. Nothing beats the power of good music when you are walking through such picturesque land towards unknown heaven. 

Are you waiting to book a trekking adventure in Chopta? Feel free to know all about the routes and itinerary and get other necessary information from our tour experts any time. 

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