Everything you should know before going to Kedarkantha Trek.

Everything you should know before going to Kedarkantha Trek.

Recently, with the vogue of travel vlogging and travel influencing, the concept of travelling, especially trekking becomes a passion of youngsters. In fact, people from middle to old age are getting into the zeal of trekking. People mostly search for easy to moderate treks to start with. Newbie trekkers end up trekking in Uttarakhand as this location has so much to offer.

The exciting trails for passionate trekkers

Since the winter season is about to knock out doors, people have already planned some exciting, adventurous winter treks in Uttarakhand. And Kedarkantha is one of the easiest ones of all. Especially if anyone is heading towards trekking for the first time, the Kedarkantha trek should definitely be their first and foremost choice.

Kedarkantha Trek base to peak: An overview

However, before you head on any trek, whether it’s simple or moderate, Kedarkanth or Goecha La Trek, you must know the complete trekking trail very precisely. An absence of information or wrong information can lead you to obscure situations for real.

  • Factor #1: Situated at a height of 3,800m above sea level, this trek in Uttarakhand offers an enthralling adventure. Trekkers can enjoy the views of beautiful pine trees and snow-covered meadows from the month of December all the way to April. So, there is no speculation why Kedarkantha Trek is recognised as the Winter trek. Its intensely pleasurable, breath-taking beauty vouch for itself.
  • Factor #2: The Kedarkantha trek usually starts in Sankri, which would be easy to reach from Dehradun. From Sankri, it takes you through snow-capped mountain ranges, snow-covered fields, frozen lakes, and a lot more.

Basically, such an incredible trek offers all the spectacular sights that any trekker would like. It teaches you to live your life the best.

  • Factor #3: The Kedarkantha trek is solely spectacular for landscape photographers and nature enthusiasts. Throughout the 4days trail, you will unquestionably be rewarded with stunning views and thrilling experiences.
  • Factor #4: This Himalayan trek will also take you to the sights of some of the most magnificent campsites, including Juda ka Talab, Kedarkantha base, and Hargaon. When you reach the peak of the Kedarkantha, you will be honoured with stunning scenery of the sun-kissed Himalayan. Mountain range in the morning sky, wrapped up with snow-capped peaks.
  • Factor #5: The road is beautifully covered with snow, serene lakes, and patches of fields. And it offers the best glimpse of the Himalayas. It has been one of the best places for winter sports like skiing because it gives you a bird’s-eye view of heavenly landscapes. The serenity of this location provides trekkers with an unparalleled divine feeling.

The sky-high mountain terrain and heavenly view of the clouds will doubtlessly make you feel on the edge of the world. The dense snow-covered forests add to the relaxed journey and help soothe the inner self.

Without a doubt, the Kedarkantha Trek is the most majestic Himalayan trekking in India. It is one of the best trekking routes in the country, balanced with mesmerising and overwhelming life experiences for trekkers.

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