One life experience that made me mature significantly – Kedarkantha.

Trekking Places In Uttarakhand: Perfect Sites For Those Who Seek Real Adventure In 2022-23!

Perched neatly atop an altitude of almost 12,500 feet above sea level, the Kedarkantha Trek is the most popular trekking route for adventure lovers during the winter seasons. The popularity of this route is instrumental in contradicting the myth that winter treks are life-threatening. And strictly not recommended in high-altitude Himalayan regions that receive a generous amount of snowfall. The Kedarkantha trek found rapid popularity because of its comfortable terrain that provides easy endurance for both beginners and expert-level trekkers.

The climb to the summit sitting at an altitude of 12,500 feet above sea level is an amazing experience as it provides the closest one can get to the peak of the Himalayas and experience the magnificent beauty of nature at its unadulterated best. The Kedarkantha trek is a resolute reassurance of the fact that the journey itself is always more satisfying than the destination as the journey to the summit is a breathtaking experience passing through a variety of landscapes and climatic conditions.

From lush green meadows to snow-laden alpine peaks, from walking the earth covered by a blanket of snow to frozen lakes in the middle of the Himalayas, from panoramic views of the world below to the nocturnal transformation of the mountainscape into a planetarium providing unmatched views of the stars, the galaxies, and the cosmos, the Kedarkantha trek has it all.

The trip to Kedarkantha starts at Dehradun from where the journey traces itself along the meandering roads that spiral along the slopes of the hills taking you to the village of Sankri. The trekking trail officially begins at Sankri which is a quiet hamlet hidden in the mountain trails in the backdrop of a beautiful collection of flora and fauna. The sheer variety of landscapes and natural habitats that one passes on their way to this hamlet is breathtaking and absolutely unmatched. From virulent streams gurgling with excitement as they emerge with crystal clear sparkling water to tall mountains standing resolute on either side as you trace your way up their slopes. The lush green meadows with a solitary hamlet of village settlements and the scent of the pinewood trees lining up the mountain slopes blowing through the air. The views and the scenes are unparalleled like literally scenes out of a movie.

On the way to Kedarkantha, the sights are fascinating and almost bordering around magical. Nature flaunts its beauty unabashedly and displays the power of its might in various shapes and forms. Sometimes it engulfs you in a blanket of stars when you camp overnight in an alpine meadow. And sometimes it covers lakes and water bodies with a thin layer of ice that provides a stunning filter for capturing the life inside it. There are interesting moments blended with breathtaking moments and then there are mesmerizing moments that simply blow away your mind. The rise to the summit itself is satisfaction of sorts as it instills a feeling of achievement. It gave me a subtle reminder of life in itself as it traces itself through changing scenarios, meandering itself through winding routes, overcoming various obstacles only to emerge on top. And once on the top, everything seems like a moment gone by.

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