Why Should Kedarkantha Trek Be Your First Winter Trek?

Why Should Kedarkantha Trek Be Your First Winter Trek?

Uttarakhand has one of the best trek trails in India to explore. The mountain range of Uttaranchal is known for its evergreen hosts of the Himalayan Ranges, which India is immensely proud of. When it comes to backpacking in Uttaranchal, the options are endless.

Uttarakhand is the only place that has treks for all seasons and reasons, including summer, winter, and fall. Winter trails are the most popular because they allow backpackers to witness the winter mountains, snow-capped ridges, and vibrant landscape in all their glory.

The Himalayan beauty in a picture!

The abode of snow—the Himalayas—has been a show stopper for Indian holiday halts for many years. And with thrilling treks that give a massive adrenaline rush being the talk of the day. Trekkers are trying to discover the best way to detoxify and rejuvenate themselves in the lap of the Himalayas.

Since not everybody is a trekking expert and not everyone is our beloved Malli Mastaan, Uttarakhand has many easy treks. And Kedarkantha is one of the easiest.

Explore Kedarkantha—the dreamy trek of all time!

Kedarkantha is a stunning illustration of the beauty of the Himalayas that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. It is considered the most splendid or absolutely stellar winter trek in the Himalayas, surpassing all other phenomenal expeditions in Uttarakhand. The trails are well-kept, easy to navigate and provide majestic views of the Himalayan ranges and panoramic landscapes.

December to April is an excellent season to visit the Kedarkantha view. It’s the time when the snow falls heavily, making the scenery as beautiful as the Swiss Alps. Your journey will begin in the lowlands of pine forests, which are covered in pine cones and have fresh air to exhale.

The trek starts from Sankri, a lovely township to begin with. The Dehradun to Sankri journey is mesmerising and worth freezing in your travelling memory.

The mesmerising animal world towards Kedarkantha Trek

But that’s not all about the lovely trek to Kedarkantha Peak. The trail features many breathtakingly beautiful water lines, including streams, lakes, and a cascade of alpine forests, making for a pretty welcoming sight. You’ll be driving alongside river tonnes, walking past adorable wooden shacks, shy langurs hanging, squirrels, boars, and martens at regular intervals.

Trekking in Uttarakhand is pleasing to the eyes and the soul—and the Kedarkantha Trek is no exception. The trek encompasses most of the best campsites in history, including Hargoan, Juda ka Talab, and Kedarkantha.

The summit scenario is worth the lengthy hiking struggle to the summit. Also, It offers the most spectacular and immaculate sight of the Garhwal Himalayas, kissed by the winter sun and glinting on the glacier mountains. In fact, the lower valley meadows are as beautiful and energising as the sunlit peaks.

The Final Opinion

The best part about the Kedarkantha Trek is that it’s simple and well-organised; newbie trekkers can easily reach the summit without losing stamina. Hence, every travel enthusiast should try the winter Kedarkantha Trek at least once to memorise it for a lifetime.

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