These 9 offbeat destinations in Uttarakhand are worth exploring!


A land of rivers, mountains, and temples, Uttarakhand has it all. And it is everyone’s favorite state in India. Amongst the most common Uttarakhand attractions, Badrinath and Kedarnath temples, Mussoorie, Haridwar, Rishikesh, etc are some of the hidden gems.

The Offbeat Places of Uttarakhand: Why Should You Visit Them?

We want to break the monotony and escape the crowds. The state of Uttarakhand is expansive and has numerous offbeat places. You must travel to offbeat locations in Uttarakhand if you’re sick of the clichéd tourist sites. Offbeat exploration supports local communities. 

By traveling offbeat you are helping the locals.

1. Khirsu: Discover the Himalayas

There is a something fairy tale about Khirsu. Located at 2700 m (approx.), this charming village is a peaceful retreat. You can enjoy tropical weather throughout the year.

2. Peora: Mountain life at its finest

A bird watcher’s paradise, this hamlet is situated at approximately 6,600 feet. The place is well-known for its pictorial vibes. There are snow-capped mountains here. There’s nothing better than spending your holidays in a Hollywood-style village. It’s perfect for solo travellers, too.

3. Pangot: An isolated paradise

A calm sunrise and birds chirping will greet you. This place is tranquil. An untouched summer vacation in Uttarakhand with family is best plan to execute in Pangot. Located about 15 km from Nainital, it is less touristy. Nanda Devi and other Himalayan peaks can be seen from Pangot.

4. Chaukori: Take in the natural beauty

Chaukori is a great place to visit with family in May and June in Uttarakhand. Pithoragarh is a hill station at a height of 2100 meters. Panchkula Peak and Nanda Devi are visible from here. Nature lovers and strollers will find this place to be a paradise. You will never want to leave Uttarakhand and will not want to return home.

5. Binsar: Recharge in lush greenery

You will feel like a storyteller after visiting these less explored Uttarakhand sites. In Binsar, for instance. Garhwali word binsar means new morning. It is amidst woods. The mountain peaks of Kedarnath, Chakhamba, Nanda Devi, Pancholi, and Trishul are visible from Binsar. Binsar in Uttarakhand is less crowded in January. Snowball fights are fun in January. Wildlife lovers must visit Binsar’s wildlife sanctuary.

6. Jeolikot: Ghost stories to discover

Jeolikot is a small village in Kumaon, Uttarakhand. Here you can learn about floriculture and catch butterflies. It is a village at an altitude of 1219 meters. Visitors come all year round. However, Jeolikot has a higher temperature than other hill towns. You can celebrate the holidays here all year, even in winter when it’s sunny.

7. Nelang Valley: Explore Ladakh in Uttarakhand

Uttarkashi is roughly 100 km (approx.) from Nelang Valley (Nelong Valley), situated at 11,000 feet. It has a cold, barren desert and snowcapped peaks. Due to its similar topography to Ladakh and Tibet, it is also called Ladakh of Uttarakhand. There are about 60 km (approx.) left before you reach the China-India border. Seeing this place also deceives many strollers and experienced travellers. The crystal-clear water of the Ganges flows through Nelang, which is located in the Gangotri National Park.

8. Munsiyari: Uttarakhand’s mini Kashmir

Uttarakhand’s beauty should make it a well-known hill station. Uttarakhand’s Munsiyari is among the offbeat honeymoon and family destinations. Boon of nature is located at 2300 meters above sea level. A dense forest covers the area. You must visit Munsiyari if you are planning to roam soon. The trek leads to various glaciers and base camps from Nanda Devi.

9. Landour, A haven of peace

Visit Landour if you want to skip Mussoorie. The town of Mussoorie was once the British Indian cantonment town. The scenery in Landour will fill your lungs. Enjoy a walk in the deodar forest. For peace and calmness. Visit Landour, an offbeat tourist spot in Uttarakhand. Landour is a good place for Delhi tourists with families to visit in Uttarakhand near Delhi. Approximately 285 km away. The distance from Delhi to Landour is about 7-8 hours.


Do you feel inspired to travel to Uttarakhand now that you have read our roundup of the 9 offbeat places in Uttarakhand? It’s time to break the monotony and make sure you check out any of these places. It is still very much unexplored by mass tourism in Uttarakhand that all of the offbeat attractions mentioned above are. We are also offering Uttarakhand tour packages if you would like to experience these scenic offbeat destinations and make an unforgettable trip.

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