Best Destinations To Visit In December In India

Kedarkantha Trek

The country’s winter season runs from October to March, which is also considered as Season of Tourist. India, a tropical country, assumes a different identity because of the chilly weather, snow, and lush greenery. India is a popular tourist destination for numerous groups of ardent travellers. This piece carefully chooses the greatest vacation spots that lots of foreign visitors to December recommend and adore.

Let’s speak more about the best spots to visit in India in December with friends, family, a partner, a child, etc. While certain areas of the country—primarily the north—could get snowfall, the majority of locations will only experience mild cold. There won’t be much rain, but there might be a strong breeze.

Best Destination in North India for December


Gangtok is renowned for having all the stereotypical characteristics of a hill station, such as verdant valleys, sunset views, pleasant weather, etc. The area will be shrouded in mist in December, giving off a lovely, romantic vacation vibe. December in Gangtok would be heaven for someone who loves to wander the area aimlessly.

Unfortunately, only in the afternoons in December are far skylines and mountain views visible. The Gurudongmar Lake will be frozen in December, creating an impressive appearance. The tiny hamlets of Gangtok would be completely covered with snow if you travelled there in late December.

The streams will be frozen, giving you the impression that you are entering a white, mystical country. The Darap Valley will be thick with foliage and have lovely walking trails even in the middle of December. With the Gangtok Food and Culture Festival in December, you may also take in local culture. This is a traditional music and dance festival that celebrates in a carnival-like atmosphere. Christmas and the Sikkim Winter Carnival are two more notable occasions in December.


Dalhousie in December is the ideal time to visit if you want to experience a piece of Indian fairytale. Trekking, skiing, forest excursions, shopping, and other pastimes are popular here. The National Himalayan Trekking Expedition is best enjoyed in December because it is during the winter season.

By the second week of December, this trip will begin. At least once throughout your vacation, go on a hike through a deodar forest.


The weather in December makes Srinagar even more alluring. There will be a substantial layer of snow covering the entire valley and mountain ranges.

An unforgettable romantic encounter would be a boat ride on the nearly frozen Dal Lake .Pony rides are among the many snow-related activities that will be available to guests. The best part is that since winter is not Srinagar’s busiest travel season, you can easily find offers and discounts on lodging and travel.

December is when native holidays like Losar and GaldanNamchot are observed. Srinagar is the ideal destination if you want a romantic getaway amidst snow and mountains.

Kedarkantha Terk

Photographers have the ideal opportunity to capture the snow falling from the pine trees that resembles magic dust on the Kedarkantha trek, which is blushing with beauty. With breathtaking vistas as the backdrop, the “I rule the world” posture at the top of the Kedarkantha Trek Summit will make a fantastic profile picture. Your friends will also be envious.

Discover the charming campsites, each of which is distinctive in its own way and unmatched in beauty by any other campgrounds along the route. Experience camping near freezing lakes

Lord Shiva once used Juda ka Talab as a venue for meditation. Before you arrive at Summit, go on a night-time hike using headlamps to illuminate the path, and observe the sunrise from a mountaintop.


The country’s adventure capital is Ladakh. Ladakh is home to three of the highest motorable mountain passes in the world.

In December, a lot of foreign bike enthusiasts come to these passes for a long ride and a warming cup of tea. In addition to this, Ladakh offers a wide range of additional activities, including yak safaris, cycling, rock climbing, trekking, and jeep safaris. There are many rivers, valleys, monasteries, retail areas, and tourism locations in Ladakh if you’re seeking for a relaxing vacation.

A few Tibetan buildings from the 16th century can also be found. The Losar event is held in December as well.

Since the Losar holiday is observed according to the lunar calendar, its date varies every year. If you intend to attend the festival, confirm the correct date before purchasing tickets.


Activities using snow are well-known in this area. Sonamarg, which means “golden meadow,”The area will be abundant with soft golden yellow grass in the summer.

By winter, the area resembles a location from an ice age fable. You can discover here any snow-related activity you can think of.

In December, it’s possible to go hiking, camping, skiing, sledding, and to many more attractions. It is a lovely destination. Many people embark on treks to the holy site of Amarnath. Only experienced and moderate hikers should attempt this path, which takes one day to complete. The fee will be doubled or tripled if you visit this destination over Christmas or New Year’s time.


Any snow activity you can think of may be found at Auli. It is India’s Switzerland. The area is covered in several lakes, which transform into beautiful ice ponds in the winter. This area’s valleys will develop into ski resorts. You are in luck if you are visiting around Christmas.

The main draws in this area are the coniferous forest, world-class ski resorts, and slopes covered in oak trees. You should visit this location in December if you want luxurious vacations filled with adventure and snow.

Ski enthusiasts travel there in December to train for the championship event that takes place in January. In many locations, you may also rent a ski instructor.


It is also supposed to grant you the gift of seeing paradise through blessed eyes. There is a lot of snow on this trail, and you can see various mountain ranges from here. December through February are the ideal months to travel here.

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